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The Curator of Turley Book Inn?

Photograph professionally done by Megan Teeuwen, of Megnificent Designs & Photography

I am a indie author, born in Wyandotte County, Kansas and now live in Independence Missouri in the present. I hold a Asssociates in Arts degree from MCCKC. Now I work full time as a custodian and am fully committed to my writing on the side. Every now and then I get the urge to binge the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy in one day; or go outside for a hike. But the biggest thing is I am blessed and redeemed by Jesus.

I started my writing journey back in 2009, and well, didn’t listen to peoples advice about not having too many writing projects. Over the years I’ve started several other book projects that I’d like to release; but my primary focus right now is on WEEKS, as it is my “firstborn” so to say. Or in the case of a inn, my only open vacancy, with more to come.

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