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When The Muse Beckons, I Must Answer

            What do I mean when I say, Muse? This saying came to one day and it felt, well, right. True even, though I was baffled by what exactly the Muse is. I still am in a sense. There is a mystifying, enchanting lure to mysteries such as this, inside and outside of creative endeavors. I’ve come to learn that mystery is something that doesn’t always need exploring, but that doesn’t mean I cannot come to a simple understanding does it? Many people come to know the Muse, whether as a conscious being or not, as being a source where inspiration, creative flow, and what-have-you, derives from. I agree with this notion, as it’s hard to argue against. But for me personally, I like to think of the Muse as more of a gift, a sort of paraphernalia I guess. Something that everyone who creates possesses. For me, Muse is a gift from the Holy Spirit, to aid me in with my greater gift, and calling, writing.

           Here’s what I mean. It’s my personal belief and conviction, that God’s spirit, the same spirit who I accepted into my life and heart; has endowed me with my passion for writing. I discovered this gift of God’s in the summer of 2009 while writing WEEKS Book One’s very first rough draft. But that alone would not suffice, as a creative, I am very affected by the flow and state of things internally and externally. But in addition, I received another gift, the Muse, which helps me in my charge. How can I better describe this? Well, I guess you can’t tighten down bolts without having a wrench.

           Whether or not the Muse is a conscious being or not is a mystery, more on mysteries bellow. I do not know whether or not that there exist spiritual beings who aid us creators; scripture is chock-full of examples of spiritual beings: God’s divine council, the different tiers of angels, demons, the watchers, etc, etc. Indeed there’s no way of knowing, at the present, just how many different species of “spiritual” beings exist in the unseen. Maybe the Muse is a spiritual being, or maybe it’s just paraphernalia that helps people create. Perhaps, and this is the direction I lean most towards too, the Muse is a title to describe as a process in which the Holy Spirit guides creatives? Hard to say, but I do know that without the Holy Spirit, I would be lost for words every time I sit and type.

           This mystery, I keep speaking of, is a topic for another blog someday; but in short, here I go to give it in a nutshell. For me personally, I see mystery as a hook. Isn’t that what keeps us invested to continue flipping the pages, or watch the next episode of a show, or to finish a movie? We have questions that need answering and we’re not satisfied till we’ve had our fill. But once we have said answers, it becomes less interesting given how we already know the answers. Sometimes it’s best to just let questions remain, so I don’t need to know or fully understand what the Muse really is. I have my faith and my passion, that’s enough for me. Now, that’s more internal than external though. When I’m reading a book or watching a movie, I want my questions answered and mysteries solved. But sometimes I only want a handful of mysteries solved. That’s why my interest in Tolkien’s Middle Earth has never diminished because it was so expertly and artistically well made, that more questions are usually a byproduct of questions being answered; and I don’t want them answered.

           In short, I cannot tell you what the Muse really is. All I can say is you can simply take it for face value when you read it. But when the Muse beckons, I have to answer.

4th January, 2020

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