WEEKS Book One

This is the first room of the Turley Book Inn, opened for vacancy. Transport yourself into a post apocalyptic world and join Phil, Tim and Dakota in their daring gambles; where a fools chance is usually you’re only chance.

Phil, Tim, and Dakota are three survivors taking refuge in Atlanta, Georgia. The year is 2027, ten years after a nuclear fallout decimated the known world and left it in shambles. With hordes of the undead flooding their once safe home and a city now depleted of all resources and supplies the three must make a daring gamble. To trek across the States and Canada, looking for a new place to call home; safe from the monsters that plague the lands.

In their daring gamble this trio encounters more than just zombies. They are relentlessly pursued and hunted by both an old and new nemesis’. Trying to survive and stick together, no matter the odds, they must rely on their faith, bond, and past experiences to live through their tribulations. In this world, a fool’s chance is usually their only chance.

“Weeks is Book One in a science fiction series by Jasyn Tyler Turley with a fascinating post-apocalyptic setting. Set in 2027, the story follows three survivors after a nuclear catastrophe leaves most of the world decimated. Phil, Tim, and Dakota will do anything to survive in a world that has run out of resources and is fast being overrun by the undead—the radiation created by the bombings turns humans into dangerous creatures. To survive, they must leave Atlanta, Georgia and trek across states to Canada where they hope, against all hope, to find refuge. But the trek to Canada poses innumerable challenges and dangers, some far deadlier than what they have left behind, including deadly creatures that roam the deserted wastelands. Can they survive long enough to discover what Canada has to offer?

There is a lot to enjoy in Jasyn Tyler Turley’s Weeks and what stood out for me is the way the story is plotted and the author’s gift of developing characters that are rounded and compelling. The opening with the myth of creation, followed by social commentaries highlighting the population crisis and the second Cold War that ushered in the nuclear cataclysm had me gripped and wanting to discover more. The reader is introduced to the characters and the author does a wonderful job of building their traits, weaving interesting plot points into the events. Tim is full of himself and domineering. Phil is a daydreamer. Each of the characters has something unique and their common struggle for survival compels them to stick together and forge ahead. The creatures formed after the radiation are unique zombies and the author brings originality into the story at this level. In the strong plot points, the well-written conflict, and the rock-solid characters, Weeks offers a delectable reading experience to fans of science fiction with a post-apocalyptic setting. The writing is atmospheric, featuring vivid imagery and impeccable world-building.” – Romuald Dzemo


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