WEEKS Book Three

The Third room at the Turley Book Inn, currently in development. Coming March, 2023

Their previous mission labeled a success didn’t come without consequences. Now facing their promised retirement Tim and Dakota must now face an uncertain future. Past afflictions and present sorrows threaten to form a rift between them. Separated but not alone, they’re assigned to new orders delegated by the powers that be. Will their faith in the Lord, and each other, in an ever-darkening apocalypse, be enough to see them through?

Outside the safety of Alyeska, an ill Autumn Nector must adapt to her new circumstances. Battling pestilence, suffering conflict, and enduring famine. Danger snips at her in every direction threatening her with death. Slowly she comes to understand, a fool’s chance might just be her only chance.

Book Three’s final rough draft is complete and undergoing beta reading!

If you have read Book’s One and Two and would like a free published copy of Book Three, consider becoming a beta reader and email me at turleybookinn@gmail.com. Be advised, I may ask questions pertaining to Book’s One and Two just to be sure your familiar with the material covered in Book Three.

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