We’re all on a journey. Sometimes books are a means of traveling somewhere else.

About TurleyBookInn

I like to view entertainment as a inn, hotel, of sorts. Such places are where people normally check into while on vacation; a break away from their life. Similarly I check into a book, movie, game, etc, to escape the present.

This is a way I like to think of my books, a room for you to check into and escape into different worlds.

Important days

  • January 2 – National Science Fiction Day
  • March 25 – Tolkien Day/WEEKS release
  • August 9 – National Book Lovers Day

News and Updates


WEEKS Book Two has a new release date of December, 2020!

WEEKS Book One now has two book covers, and both look amazing!

WEEKS Book One has officially been launched into its first online book tour! Thanks to the amazing Dorothy Thompson, president of Pump Up Your Books, and a very cool person. Thank you Dorothy for all that you’ve done, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

First guest post blog was up and posted on 4 January, 2020.


And the next guest post blog for today 5 January, 2020 was recently posted!


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