We’re all on a journey. Sometimes books are a means of traveling somewhere else.

About TurleyBookInn

I like to view entertainment as a inn, hotel, of sorts. Such places are where people normally check into while on vacation; a break away from their life. Similarly I check into a book, movie, game, etc, to escape the present.

This is a way I like to think of my books, a room for you to check into and escape into different worlds.

Important days

  • January 2 – National Science Fiction Day
  • March 25 – Tolkien Day/WEEKS release
  • August 9 – National Book Lovers Day

News and Updates


WEEKS Book Two Paperback has a new, new release date of March 25th, 2020. But Ebook will still launch on December 5th, 2020

WEEKS Book One now has two book covers, and both look amazing!

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