‘Cycle of the Werewolf: A Novel’

‘Cycle of the Werewolf: A Novel’ by Steven King (Author) and Bernie Wrightson (Illustrator) was a good read. I’m late to the party on this one, but better late than never right?

So right off the bat, the story dives into the issue at hand, and from there, things just escalate. You have plenty of time with the Werewolf causing death and carnage and the structure follows a monthly series of events. We’re not spending as much time with the main protagonist, Marty Coslaw, until a few months into the story. At the start, we spend more time with the victims of the Werewolf than with Marty. It isn’t until a little further in the beginning that we spend more time with the latter. This structure, intentional or not, had my attention wrapped around the story’s finger. I was hooked.

I want to spend a minute on Uncle Al. I like this dude. He’s a good, little bit on the wild side, uncle to Marty. As someone who loves his uncles, I could relate to this. Not only is Al a good character, but he’s a secondary character with a strong supporting role in the story. To see an uncle character be essential and endearing is always welcoming to me. As I find to be so often the case in other books, movies, etcetera, uncles serve a perverted, or sadistic purpose.

What else do I got to say about this book? Well, if you are like me and this managed to stay off your radar for so long, give it a whirl. Especially if you love Werewolves and enjoy Steven King. It’s not a long read, I finished this book in a single setting.

My final rating for ‘Cycle of the Werewolf’ is a place on my bookshelf.

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